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Terminal Operator with new Dutch container trailers


At the end of last year, Bon Marin Holding started replacing the old trailers used by the container compositions operated by the subsidiary company - Terminal Operator EOOD with new Dutch container trailer D-TEC - Flexitrailer.

The semi-trailers delivered by STE Trailers Bulgaria are one of the new models of D-TEC, three-axle, for transport of containers - 20 ', 2x20', 40 ', 40'HC and 45' with the possibility of extension in the front and rear, which allows exceptional flexibility in undertaking and performing transport tasks. The other distinguishing quality of the model is the extremely low curb weight.

Valeri Petrov, Manager of Terminal Operator EOOD:
"We chose a supplier specializing in the production of container and oversized semi-trailers, because this is a guarantee of higher quality. The model has a very low curb weight, which is also important to us. Last but not least - the construction is simple and reliable and this will generate less time costs.

At the end of August, the last two new D-TEC trailers - Flexitrailer - are expected, out of 11 ordered.
The new semi-trailers will be used mainly for domestic transport of containers to and from the ports of Varna and Burgas.